Commissioned : running back to you

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Il y a des chants qui me touchent et me font du bien. Celui-ci en est et est de saison. J’aime par ailleurs la voix de Fred Hammond.

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How can you forgive me
When I’ve often gone astray
How can you think of me
When I do things my way
Turning my back from you
The one who loved me first
Having my own desires
Renewing worldy thirst

You told me you could keep me
But I turned it away
I’ve failed you so much now
I don’t know what to say
Feeling so very weak
You say I can be strong
I feel I’ve gone too far
You tell me to come home
You love me still
And I know this is real

And I am running back to you
I see you’re standing there for me
Your arms are open wide
And I don’t have to cry no more
You’re standing there for me
And I am running back to you
Why do I go away when I know I am no good
When I’m on my own

You told me you love me
And I should make up my mind
You tell me come back now
But I keep waisting time
Using the same excuse
That I am just a man
You tell me you’ve been there
And hold your nail scared hands so I can see
Now I know I am free

Repeat Chorus

I have taken advantage of your love and grace
Forgive me Lord and take me home
Take me home

I’m running to you Jesus
Please take me home
You see i’ve been in the wrong way too long
And I can’t do right anymore
I’m tired of pain and I don’t like fear
But Lord I want to be more sincere
I never should have left your side
Return me to your guiding light

Repeat Chorus and fade out



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